Friends Far Away

A note to my good friend Lisa and her daughter Lyka   Your friendship and prayers reach my heart so tenderly. The gifts I share are from my willing generosity.   All […]


  New and seasoned bloggers don’t be late.   Inspirational, Motivational, please take a seat. Encouraging and Enthusiastic it’s lovely to meet.   Optimistic and Freedom Fighter, to the front if you […]

Give Up?

Man I had the day from I don’t know what!  I had a big dip today.  I wanted to give up the blog, give up the slog, give up trying to work […]

Blogger’s Night Cruise

The work of other bloggers, I did look at today. I read their posts for hours to see what they would say.   Informative topics they discussed close to their hearts. The stories […]


Greetings Everyone, I have been nominated by Krista for the Liebster Award.  To be enjoying my writing so much and then to be nominated for this award, I am totally appreciative and humbly grateful […]

Search Engine

Internet, Internet, wherefore art thou? I’m searching for a soul purpose blog, can you help me out?  *                    *                    *                    *                   *                 * I don’t want empty posts, full of gossip and […]

*To The New Blogger*

  Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Geia Sas, Kedu and more to you the new blogger. I’ve not arrived so long myself, so we are here one to another.   You will meet […]


The Disco to House Music Daily Update!

Poet's Corner

Poems, poets, poetry, writing, poetry challenges

Creative Talents Unleashed

"Unleash your creative talents and share them with the world!" ~ Raja's Insight

From the Soul to the nib of the Pen

Writing does to me what rainbow does to sky.

Kindness Blog

Kindness Images, Videos, True Life Stories, Quotes, Personal Reflections and Meditations.

welcome to my little piece of quiet

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If Books Could Blog

The written word is the only saviour this world needs.

Random thoughts, experiences, and wonderings mostly put into poetry.

Nicholas Payton

The Cherub Speaks....

The Hopeful Wanderer

Love, life & loss with a musical twist

The Lonely Author

Hoping to inspire the world one word at a time.


Devotionals on A COURSE IN MIRACLES, A COURSE OF LOVE, and THE WAY OF MASTERY . . . with Celia Hales

Silently Outspoken

Random brain-filler from your neighborhood introvert.


writing is sorrow ★ having had written is sublime


The official page of the artist created to host the project 'CUT OFF'.

Art by Rob Goldstein

There is no common truth, but there are facts.


revealing my inner narrator