*Milestone – Days of Complete Positivity and End of Ramadan


What did I observe and learn on my three-week ‘Positive Purpose Countdown?


Many men dedicated to the smallness of mobile phones.

Many women to their bags, especially the designer ones.


The rituals partaken at religious times.

Can enhance differences where we don’t see eye-to-eye.


Fasting, prayer and social gatherings.

Change only the superficial personality layering.


Once the fasting is over and celebrations begin.

It is back to the hypocrisy, yes even sin.


Westerners, Easterners and the big world at large.

All in their dubious, cranky way want to be in charge.


Even more compassion I had for those worse off.

Being a shoulder to cry on when they had had enough.


Listening to their stories of their sons and daughters.

Separated from their families, but their hearts full of laughter.


I could smile at myself and take it easier.

With others I was no pleaser, no pleaser.


I did have those days when I questioned my Creator.

Tears filled my eyes, but I know he’s my Saviour.


More moments were chosen where I took a deep breath in.

Let faith take over and embrace my living.


I increased my time being truly content.

I engaged in activities and the time quickly went.


Picking times to be happy was very powerful.

Learning how to be ever so resourceful.


My thoughts were of possibility and action.

My smiles acknowledged my dreams I could act on.


The hot sun would rise and I’d jump out of bed.

Preparing for the happy day ahead.


It would be a good day, I was determined to see.

Everyone and everything I touched glad to see me.


I even talked to those persons who are a bit off.

You know the ones, face permanently screwed up in a scoff!


By the time I’d finished with them, my happy work was done.

They saw the light and wanted to continue to chat, engage and have fun.


This is not to boast or blow my own trumpet.

All was buzzing, my happy psych no-one could disturb it.


Yes there were days when I was tested.

I took time out to reflect and rested.


All possibilities were hitting my thoughts.

I could do anything if I put in the efforts.


I would race to log my latest revelations.

This countdown was teaching me important lessons.


The countdown is over but the challenge won’t change.

My desire to have happiness is in my daily range.


I may have those days when there are dips.

But doing this countdown has given me tips.


Putting the happiness countdown out there as a goal.

Is a daily reminder of happiness in my role.


It’s not to be taken for granted this crucial opportunity.

I am grateful for the freedom to choose to be happy.


Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.” – Buddha

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“One joy scatters a hundred griefs.” – Chinese Proverb

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