December Thoughts


Does your inner self know what Christmas is truly about?

Is it the real Christmas that excites you or is paraphernalia causing doubt?


Has Christ Mass caught your attention?

Or does the true meaning not get a mention?


Will you be attending the House of the Lord and having quiet prayers?

Or will you be adding to the materialistic layers?


Are you addressing yourself and answering questions?

Or simply focussing on worldly decorations?


Is life worth living, if only to shop to you drop?

Getting all the gadgets which turn out to be a flop!


Are you lying on your bed shedding a tear?

Wishing things were different this time of year?


Is hype and social pressure getting to you?

Are you trying to resist that Christmas do?


Many embrace this time of year with relish.

Others can’t wait for this time to finish.


Wherever you are at in the next coming days.

Remember those who have impacted your life in positive ways.


Keep focussed on those moments that redeemed your faith in people.

Even if it didn’t quite get you heading to that building with the steeple!


Acts of kindness and moving gestures happen for a reason.

I add my percentage to that and wish you all the best this season.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


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