December 31st – New Year’s Eve


31st December – New Year’s Eve is here!

Just hours to go before we bring in the New Year!


Resolutions to make, are you excited?

Or have you given up because the whole process fails to get you ignited?


Do something different starting today!

You will have made a change in a moment, even in a small way!


Think it! Do it now! Now do it!

Think it! Make it! Move it! Just do it!


No more excuses, blaming this and that, and no-one is listening!

Clear out your mental and physical clutter, shine on until everything is glistening!


Give the greatest gift you can to yourself and it will follow that you can help others.

But at this very moment just do you, and then the universe will bless you to help sisters and brothers.


This precious moment is here for the taking.

Yes, you could start that business even from baking!

What do you want your life to look like this time next year?

Improved fitness and health? Closer relationships? Or business stepped up a gear?


Visualize the next twelve months, week or even day!

Just do something that you have organized and created in some way.

Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself!

The dissatisfaction you feel is your spirit wanting you to take your life off the shelf!


Stop wasting your time, yes it’s your time-wasting.

I will let you off for today, as I know the turkey you’re still basting!


I give thanks for the new skills I have learnt, this blog is one of them.

What have you learnt this year and are you grateful for them?

I am grateful for this year cultivating new friendships.

What are you grateful for in your relationships?


I feel lucky to be able to travel the world and seek to do more of this.

Meeting people from different cultures, shows me what there is to miss.


What do you want to do that you can look back and think?

For example, did you reach a goal, complete a plan or were you are a significant business link?


You were not created to be like every other person.

What would be the point? Where would be the lesson?


You are an important person in the blogosphere!

You have created a piece of your world here!


So build on your achievements and soar to that sky too.

I, for one, will be patiently waiting and applaud you.


Thank you for being on this journey with me in 2015.

I look forward to more with you in 2016, 2017 ….. 2018 …. 🙂!

Have fantastic and meaningful New Year’s Eve resolutions!

I wish you all the very best for the New Year’s Day celebrations!







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