Let December Be


 Twenty-three days into December, twenty-four hours in this day.

Let every hour count.


Soon Christ Mass Eve will be here in all its expectant glory.

Let every second count.


Savour forthcoming days, every moment matters.

Let every minute count.


Capture smiles, chats and photos – even the unflattering ones! 20151215_165801[1]

Let every fraction of time count.


How quickly we have reached this date in the calendar.

Let the blessing of previous months be counted.


Go with your own unique flow, remember challenges are simply tests.

Let the stressors dim, from cooking, shopping and decorations to be mounted.


(Speaking of decorations have fun with these, tinsel does not have to everywhere appear!

Check out my fridge below, a creative turn can give the blandest items unique seasonal cheer!)


 Let your December take you on your journey, accompanied by those you really love.

Let December go the way in which you dream.


Have a healthy anticipation for today, tomorrow and the next.

Let it happen, leave perfection at the door whilst you enjoy that naughty cream 😉

Let your December be.


Let December be.


Let December.




Happy pre-Christmas Eve Day!