December 27th



27th December has shot by like a bullet.

Shall we take a closer look at it.


Now post-Christmas fever but still excited.

Are you working on resolutions that make you delighted?


Should that word ‘resolution’ be changed, as it can be meaningless with nothing done?

Empty promises made in the height of that last digit moving on.


Resolution, what word could replace it and make it more poignant?

What about ‘do-its’, have you done your do-its? No? But you get my point?


We thank God for all that has been done and dangerously take things for granted.

We owe it to God, or whoever you profess your maker to be to give whole-hearted.


Achieving more than stopping this or that, or dieting until we look sad or mad!

Yes, giving back to the universe with voluntary love, improving our daily lives should not be a fad.


These next days are an opportunity to reflect on your serious concerns.

Do you want your life to move in a new direction, what are your potential new turns?


We need to, must, want or should, which are the categories you will use to budge?

Do you want to do what is absolutely necessary? Or are you waiting for someone to give you a nudge?


Have you been thinking the same and doing the same for the ten years, even more?

Dare you be in the same place, thinking the same things this time next year, losing score?


What you want only you can answer, this is your life, don’t copy another’s.

The way you lead your own life God designed different from your sisters and brothers.


You have your own challenges to meet in what can seem like a world ever-testing.

You can choose to grow and overcome those obstacles or be self-detesting!


I pray you see your worth and look fear right in the face.

I wish for you the very best as a member of this beautiful human race.

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *






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