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2016 – Just Another Year?

 Let 2016 Count!

2016 is a couple of days old.

Now to put those new ideas into the mould.


Yet, many have quickly settled into complacency and fear.

“2016, so what, It’s going to be the same as last year!”


Whether you believe the year is man-made or not.

You have to pick a day to say, “No more of this rot!”


Be it the 1st January, a Kwanzaa date, or your own desired date.

Take a stand for your life and take a moment to rate.


Are you happy in your life, is there no more you can do?

Or are you disappointed with yourself for coasting along with no clue?


The point of re-evaluating your life is to make changes for the better.

To keep challenging yourself and not leave everything until later.


What are you waiting for? The longer you leave it, the harder life can get.

The universe will be scratching its head, wondering why you haven’t reached your purpose yet!


If last year, was like the year before and the year before that.

It’s time to get serious and look at not just turning up to work and paying the VAT!


Marking time, will keep you in that position of lack.

Isn’t it enough that in this world you have to watch your back?


The creation of time is for you to enjoy and act with purpose for the duration.

Challenges come to test you, sometimes you fail, hopefully there is a resolution.


If each second, each minute, each day, each month was the same.

Then to live through a year and say, “Nothing is new.” This is a shame.


Can you see now how each moment is a precious gift?

It is not to be wasted on immaterial things which keep you miffed.


Start dealing with the issues and concerns praying on your mind.

By the end of the year, you will be commenting on things in kind.


Time can be the master, time does not have to be disaster.

Ask for help from the universe, try something new, a taster.


No year need be the same if you are truly developing your unit.

Another day, another year, it’s up to you how you live it!

Let 2016 Count!

Let 2016 Count!



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