December 28th


December 28th! We all know time waits for no-one!

Been posting for some days now, and I am far from done!


My fingers keep tapping away, wanting to spread joy.

One of my bloggers has received a grandson, a boy!


Congratulations dear blogger, you know who you are!

An addition to your family to bring joy by far.


Everyone, each day is bringing its blessings, I hope yours are coming too.

It’s not too late to make December special for your family and you.


Make that call, use technology to connect or do the right thing.

Take that step to shift relations or move projects on with a swing.


The hours passing, I’ve mentioned this before.

Don’t ignore those signs of second chances knocking at your door.


Be brave, stand out, stand tall, and destroy your fears.

Prepare the end of the year to be the start of your new ideas.


Get those schemes out of your head, onto paper or electronics if it’s easier.

Do something to propel your dreams where you are keeping them busier.


December 28th is a few hours old (where I reside).

Don’t let it get away from you, as if you’re swimming against the tide.


No more make believe time, breathe life into your dreams, and make them real.

Show the one above and yourself that you are the real deal.

                    *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *