Words, Words, Words


 I wrote the poem below in response to the quote shared by Project Forgive.


Those little letters that build into words.

Not carefully used are deadly swords.


A word can be a healer, the agent of peace.

It can turn the stubborn-hearted and tame a wild beast.


Words no matter their unique origin.

Can cause the end or the beginning.


Unkind words are remembered for years and years.

Each time they are thought of, they can bring tears.


The strongest child, woman or man.

Each can only a few words of hate withstand.


How quick we can be to bring word-filled pain.

Thinking we have got away with anger once again.


Words are meant to build and connect us with love

No matter how we may feel about our maker above.


Let words come forth which raise positivity.

Less watering the words of negativity.


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