The Will To Live

Another attack has been imploded on the world.

Brazen, brutal violence in its ignorance is bold.

The victims, the casualties we cannot forget.

How long must we fill our hearts with regret?

The media, the offenders forced in our faces.

Who will bring to heel those creating the offenses?

Are we to be complacent and conclude this is the way?

Or do we stand up, be brave and have our rightful say?

What will it take to bring peace to our supreme universe?

Can we not communicate and find a way to converse?

Do our eyes deceive us or did this act of terror really happen?

Come on the powers that be let your strategies be sharpened!

Information overload is not saving people’s lives.

Some serious action needs implementing before to war countries strive.

Will I be old and grey and remember all the wars of the past.

Remembering here, there and everywhere, there was a terrible blast.

Don’t let this be the people’s memory, but resolution soundly sought.

Freedom is for everyone and its price must not be bought.

Perilous times we live in and we wait for peace to rule our days.

We must see plans put to action to destroy these destructive ways.

When will you hear our continuous prayers and voices that cry?

We cannot just wait on and let the danger roll by.

The universe created for all with differences for everyone to see.

Let us not forget that our world is for everyone to live in harmony.


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