Fly - Aim High

Fly – Aim High

This was just going to be my ‘Happy Quote for the Rest of July’ as a footer on my front page.  I’ve decided to have it as a post too as I can’t believe I just started this blog some months ago and now we are nearly half way through the year.  I was struck by this megaposter (not just Bolt looking very fine – the best I’ve ever seen him!) as I was passing through Dubai airport yesterday. I must have been the only person unaware that the world’s fastest man is promoting Nissan’s the ‘Bolt’ Edition Nissan GTR.  Bemused sales assistants in the duty free shops watched as I postured my frame against various objects in order to get that gigantic poster in a photo with which I was happy.  I love the colors, the simplicity and the message!  ‘What if we could fly?’

I want to encourage each and every one of you as we are driving on our challenging journey to steer left, right, off centre but not over a cliff! Keep your fingers active on that keyboard.  You’re not alone!  Let this be a month of J U L Y – Just You Living Year! Yes, Just You Living Year!  Don’t you just love my acronyms! Did I just see you grin, even smile.  Lovely. Have a Happy July!

Wow! 2015, more than half way over.
I can’t believe how quick time passes as I get older.

All the problems we faced as we started the year.
Are you anyway closer to getting your act into gear?

I’ve got my challenges to face, that fear is awesome.
I’m praying hard for guidance and wisdom.

You have your dreams and desires too.
Let’s move on from not having a clue what to do.

Take the issue at hand and look it in the eye.
You can do it! To your problems say Bye! Bye!

I’ll be back with a new quote for August.
To remind everyone to get on we must!

Fly - Aim High

Sorry I couldn’t resist – well he is taking off his shirt, it’s just that he has another underneath! Lol!