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Words of Solace

Are we turning the page on events of the last few weeks? For one person in particular, authorities seek.   The mourning has begun. No-one has won.   Has the violent message moved […]

Tears of War

A woman screams, her baby held in her arms. A soldier tries to quieten her qualms. A son sits by his father’s body, Waiting to be rescued by somebody. The ruins around formerly […]

A Normal Day?

I don’t want a ‘normal’ day to be bombs blasting away. I don’t want to be used to seeing bombs as the normal way. I don’t want the fighting to continue to […]

The Will To Live

Another attack has been imploded on the world. Brazen, brutal violence in its ignorance is bold. The victims, the casualties we cannot forget. How long must we fill our hearts with regret? […]

The Naked Truth

My skin color. Your skin color. What does it stop you from seeing? Different shades and tones, we are all human beings.   Why is color put to the test? Is it […]

Let Down? Rise Up!

There are times when you are let down so much all you can do is take a deep breath. You look in the room around you wondering that maybe there is nothing […]

Smile On

There is always something to smile about. Even if all you feel like doing is having a shout. Don’t let others put you in doubt. Of what smiling is all about. Frowning […]

Thoughts for October

October, one of my favourite months of the year. Many birthdays this month and an opportunity for lots of good cheer. If you’re celebrating or have celebrated a birthday this month, Happy […]


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Devotionals on Writings Received from the Celestial -- A COURSE IN MIRACLES, A COURSE OF LOVE, THE WAY OF MASTERY, and CHOOSE ONLY LOVE

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