Let Down? Rise Up!

There are times when you are let down so much all you can do is take a deep breath.

You look in the room around you wondering that maybe there is nothing left.

Although you feel so defeated and want to scream until the ache in your head goes

You sit quietly on the bed, waiting, waiting, waiting and everything slows.

It’s getting dark outside and you feel more and more lonely and at a loss.

Not even the cats fighting outside can distract you from being cross.

Sighing heavily you stand and stretch your body, yawning all the while.

Maybe it’s time to give up and surrender to other people’s guile.

Your heart starts to beat faster and faster like it’s registered you’re giving in.

You catch your breath and clasp your hands tight, throat dry and eyes watering.

Teardrops rest on your chin waiting for your tender caress.

What will it take for you to break through and achieve your best?

You question yourself, searching for a place to rest your dreams.

Why can’t things be simple, how do you know what all of this means?

Time out, give up or keep trying to get to where you want to be?

Only you know the answer that can set you free.

You feel like you’ve fallen and failed to reach your peak.

Have you truly looked at the options that can get you what you seek?

Now is the time not to give up, stand strong in your self-belief.

Push yourself. Challenge yourself. See yourself turning over a new leaf.

There is nothing like being loyal to yourself and planting seeds of growth.

You can reach for you dream and be happy. Why not have both?

So if you want to weep this evening and be comfortable in your sorrow.

Do it, for a new dawn and a new you will rise again tomorrow.



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