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I have been nominated for the ‘Dragon’s Loyalty Award’, by the Etsy Queen herself, Krista Kemp of Krista Kemp Designs. Click over to Krista’s site and check out her unique craftwork and posts which are both touching and humorous.  Krista, I always want to call you Crystal as your input is always clear and priceless! It is with pleasure that I receive this award and I am humbled that my blog and something about me grants me this selection.

Krista, you quickly got into my blog and have remained encouraging and inspiring, which keeps me patiently maneuvering though the blogosphere. Most times it feels like you’re right beside me during my blogging triumphs and challenges.  We both live such busy lives and when we take the time to read each other’s material and take something from that, it leaves me simply to say, “Thank you!”

Krista, I wish you continued creative prosperity.

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenters, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly.

Award Rules

  • Accept the award with thanks.
  • Give your readers 5 facts about you.
  • Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

Five Facts About Me:

  1. I’m a cheer leader for the underdog. I hate to see injustices, I nearly went into a legal career; my gut pulled me in another direction, for which I am so grateful! Years ago I was a volunteer for a community action group. The group was produced newsletters, highlighted issues on the radio and newspapers. (I had a couple of articles published) . One of our key achievements was a march from the local community to the city centre to present a petition about police brutality against young black people.  Turnout was a compliment to the hard work put into organizing the march.  I will never forget people of all ages, races and backgrounds joining the march to support our petition.

2. I wrote an article for a health magazine – ‘My Pedometer Challenge’.  I love walking, it clears the fogginess and mental chatter from the head. I like to walk in the early morning. The birds wake me up and resisting the urge to stay in bed, I’m up, dressed and ready to go. Depending on what I want to focus on, I will listen to music, a motivational speaker or simply have a quiet walk. I usually bump into two little dogs with their owner as they go for their morning walk. They know my name now and wait for me as I walk around the park. No I’m kidding. They are friendly dogs and always enthusiastic and eagerly pulling their owner along, I stop and greet them and then we all go on our way.

It's good to walk.

It’s good to walk.

3. When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I wish I had followed that dream and entered the fashion arena and not listened to a ‘career advisor who also doubled as the history teacher’ who said it was “Hard to get into.” Later on I wanted to be an Air Hostess as I wanted to wear a red uniform and travel the world! My creative flair and travelling has come in the form of making or customizing my own clothes (when I get time), indulging my interior design hobbies,  living and working in a foreign country and travelling around the world.

4. My love of words feeds my passion for poetry and creative writing. I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember and excelled at creative writing in school. Why didn’t I just become a writer from then on? Life happens doesn’t it and those around me were scared I’d be eating beans out of a tin can for the rest of my life if I pursued a writing career! What else gives me creative joy? I am an ‘artsy’ person, so music, drawing, arts and crafts soak up my attention. One of my new projects is to start making my own greeting cards. I made some a couple of years ago and promised myself to revisit this as they are an opportunity to sing to my heart’s content with poetry.

5. My blog reminds me to keep on creating material which inspires me and others. I hope I am using my love of writing to reach out and touch people. Writing and Art were my key strengths in school and they are aspects with stay with me. I’m listening to my calling and enjoying the process of sharing my thoughts and experiences with my readers. I would also like to thank my readers for continuing to touch base with me!

Thank you for joining me and reading five facts about me.

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Best wishes.

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