The Costly Clutter of War

The clutter of war,

Leaves you feeling raw.


War brings with it human and metal clutter.

Deaths, drone strikes, crashes, bombs and all the other stuff I could mutter.


They are now looking at war and its clutter.

Politicians throwing money at it, so much it makes you splutter.


Millions, billions the war will get, as if it is the solution.

A cure for increasing armies maybe, but not for resolution.


Money thrown here, there and everywhere.

But governments are failing to stem hostile air.


They tell people, “Don’t worry we’ve got money to spend.”

They fail to listen to people and wisdom which says, “When will it ever end?”


Oil and gas reserves the hidden weapon driving governments crazy.

No wonder their thinking is so dangerous and hazy.


Putting these above people’s lives and the prospect of peace.

Leaves only a future filled with a world in which wars will not cease.