Rock Your World With Peace


Distracted by the world wide news?

All the negativity giving you the blues?

Switching on the tv with a trembling hand?

Wondering what badness on earth has come to land?


Most channels are jammed with violence and death.

Merely sport and bad entertainment left.

Are you going to be sucked in by hours of tv kill?

Will you use your time wisely and nurture your skill?


Look within and search for what you honestly need.

Is your head aching, yearning for rest and not greed?

Does the idea of quietness fill you with dread?

Do you keep yourself busy at any cost instead?


Love you. Be you.  See you. Look in your eyes.

Tired and overwhelmed? Or are you rested and energised?

Take that quiet moment to listen to your inner voice.

Let these precious times dispel all the outside noise.


Take a long bath soak with sweet smelling bubblies.

Let your loved ones fill their own time, this includes hubbies!

Wind down your agenda and give yourself a break

Go for a walk around the park or sit by a lake.


Wars of the world and family calamities will carry on

What do you need to keep soldiering on?

Did reading this remind you of what you need or want the most?

Or did you see it as just another post?


Fifteen minutes I dare you to take here and now.

If that is too hard, try five minutes, make a vow.

Did you do it, take a breather and take time out?

Or did you keep busy, busy and now you want to shout!


The choice is yours, this is not an order set in stone.

Having peace around you, need not mean you are alone.

Keeping still, your own quiet time, daydreaming if you like.

Can be the difference between couch potato and getting on your bike!


The more you do it the more you need it, it’s a buzz in itself.

Peaceful time to think clearly and assess your inner self.


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