~Time to Listen~

This is dedicated to the homeless people I came across whilst in the UK.  I should be used to it now being born in the UK – but I pray change will come.  London may be the capital, but still so many homeless people as there is scattered all over the UK.  One man asked for change which I gave.  Also gave to his friends who didn’t ask.  I was searching for a video to support what I had experienced and came across the first one below.


Listen, can you hear my plea?

Listen, please sit down near me.


I won’t take long, I won’t take a minute of your time.

I won’t even ask you for a dime.


Empty your mind for a minute, if you please.

Leave space to listen to me, I won’t get on my knees.


I have no family, no home, no one.

I just wanted to talk, is this wrong?


Although I have nothing, I am filled with happiness.

I am breathing and I can hear the birds’ chirpiness.


I’ll keep it short, I can see you’re in a hurry.

Thank you for stopping for a second and spending it with me.