I was delving into my books and wanted something focussed on today and relevant to taking your path and following your own purpose.  This page taken from ‘Until Today!’ by Iyanla Vanzant, spoke to me, so here it is!

August 19

I am faith-filled and fear fear because …… I have something to do and someone to be.

There is a saying that “Your family tree can put a noose around your neck!” This means that some of us are born into families and experiences that are well below the place to which we are destined to rise. Even when we know and understand this, we may feel guilty about achieving what could be considered by un-achievers as “too much.” We continually question ourselves, wondering why we should be so lucky, so blessed to be able to crawl out of the black hole of pain or dysfunction we have come to know as the norm. We question if we are being selfish. Some of us wonder if our abilities and talents are a fluke of some kind. Poor creatures! We have no idea that every accomplishment, every success is the result of God’s command to “Come ye out from among them!

We do not get divine brownie points for remaining with people who are not moving. In fact, staying where we are may quell any motivation others may have to move forward. “Come ye out from among them” is God’s way of saying go out! Do it! Use what God has given you to make yourself better or make a better life for yourself. “Come ye out from among them” is God’s way of assuring you that you can depend on God’s promises. If you are not sure what the promises are, re-read the *messages of the past five days. Then, pass what you have learned on to someone you know who is not moving.

Until today, you may have questioned why you seem able to do what no one else you know has been able to do. You may have felt guilty about your success or underestimated your accomplishments. Just for today, remember and realize that you are the living embodiment of God’s promises. What you do teaches others what they, too, can do.

Today I am devoted to moving out beyond what is normal and what is expected!


*August 14 – August 18 of Until Today!

By Iyanla Vanzant



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