Good Company

With your husband or wife, yourself you can be.

For each other you are good company.


Friends known from childhood, they too can have your back.

But with the outer circle you feel under attack.


You look to the left, again a friend is in need.

Look to your right, there’s an acquaintance requesting a deed.


On the social scene, you try to grow that thick skin.

The moment the new neighbour or friend invites you in.


Smile in the right places to get through the night.

Wondering if starting that new business is within sight.


You’re aware that some people want to see you fail.

Your determination and perseverance you pray will prevail.


Disregarding the negative and all things defective.

Connecting with enlightening people, you’ve found this to be effective.


Being with the right people is a bonus on any journey.

And for starters you must be your own best company.