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Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit


Ok, I'm listening Soul Purpose.  What do you want now? Ok, I’m listening Soul Purpose. What do you want now?

(A pep talk with my Soul Purpose – I know you need one too! Join me)

Soul Purpose: Love your life?
You and I: Some aspects of it but not easy to say.
Soul Purpose: So many obstacles getting in the way?
Soul Purpose: Excuses! Bring them on!
You and I: But many things and commitments fill my day.
You and I: I can't right now.  I'm tired anyway.
You and I: I'll do it later.  Don't worry you'll see.
You and I: Procrastination won't get the better of me.
Soul Purpose: Oh! One day gone, now two and three!
You and I: I promise I'll get it done.  You do believe me?
You and I: I've got work to do, stop bugging me.
You and I: Yes, I know I'm not doing what I was born to be.

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