Worth It


Ok, I'm listening Soul Purpose.  What do you want now?

Ok, I’m listening Soul Purpose. What do you want now?

(A pep talk with my Soul Purpose – I know you need one too! Join me)

Soul Purpose: Love your life?
You and I: Some aspects of it but not easy to say.
Soul Purpose: So many obstacles getting in the way?
Soul Purpose: Excuses! Bring them on!
You and I: But many things and commitments fill my day.
You and I: I can't right now.  I'm tired anyway.
You and I: I'll do it later.  Don't worry you'll see.
You and I: Procrastination won't get the better of me.
Soul Purpose: Oh! One day gone, now two and three!
You and I: I promise I'll get it done.  You do believe me?
You and I: I've got work to do, stop bugging me.
You and I: Yes, I know I'm not doing what I was born to be.
You and I: I haven't forgotten my soul purpose, I have been creative in other ways.
Soul Purpose: But are you paying attention to what your true calling says?
You and I: What it doesn't count that I've tidied, cooked and cleaned?
You and I: I hear you - I'm really not following my dream.
You and I: Ok, you win, I can no longer afford to wait.
You and I: I am worth it! My life if greater than this world's fate.
Soul purpose: My dear, your soul purpose is not a cliché.
You and I: You're right. It's my destiny, now I'm on my way.

Ok, you got me Soul Purpose, I’m all yours and ready for action!

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