Creative Pain


One day you’re up, the next day you’re down.

Feelings mixed up with tears of a clown.


The pain, the pain, it won’t go away.

Lying in bed, can’t face another day.


The physical discomfort and meds that you take,

Make you feel miserable and keep you awake.


So you get up out of bed.

To your laptop you are led.


Taking a deep breath, you type the words,

Until the early morning brings the lovely, singing birds.


The pain it miraculously starts to go.

As the words they start to flow.


The tears, the emotion, they are all here as you type.

As you try not to be influenced by all The Internet hype.


Your words give you strength and true self-belief.

For your pain, writing is a big relief.


Another deep breath and you start to smile.

As you review your work, you save it for a while.


Should you post it for the world to view?

Or keep it away from the negative Internet crew?


The pain, the pain, what should you do?

Wait awhile? Or go for it? It’s up to you.


Your finger is poised above the return key.

Everyone knows what it’s like, even me.


The pain has subsided and you’re feeling ready,

To make your deepest thoughts known to many.


You hit that key and gone is your post.

You give a sigh of relief, as you have achieved more than most.


Another challenge is over, you feel totally pain-free.

What joy you are bringing to others and me.


The pain can come with the urge to write.

If you’re not careful, it can block you and give you a fright.


But don’t you worry, don’t you fret.

We are all writing to do our best work yet.


Don’t be afraid of the critique from the negatives, even the coward.

Take the lesson of pain to move your work forward.


The pain can be your friend, learn how to use it wisely.

So when that pain comes again, you know what to do precisely.


Take on The Internet, the publishers, you have everything to give.

Write your post, your book, love your soul purpose and live.



Dedicated to all of those writers out there creatively working through their challenges to achieve their works end.

You are not alone.

Thank you for sharing your writing and gifts!