More Than


Here I am, Jennifer, The Blogger.

 I am more than just a number.

I am someone with a story to tell.

I want everyone I touch to do well.

I am more than just a backlink..

I want you stop, take time and think.

I am more than just a stat, a statistic.

I am more than the number of site visits.

I am worthy of more than that.

I am working from the heart and that’s a fact.

I am more than the visual, I am someone who thinks.

I am more than the hunted and yearned for links.

I am more than a digit, those who appreciate can see.

I want nothing more than for all of us to be happy.

I am more than a finger movement, click, click, click.

I want to know the core of what makes you tick.

I want to connect so we can all go for what we believe.

I am making a start from the comments I receive.

I am more than a passing link to a website.

My posts come to me day and night.

I am a person with a purpose to fulfill.

I am a being with a goal, an aim, a will.

I am more than.

More than, am I.


You are ‘More Than’ too.


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