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Greetings to you,


I want to have a chat with you.  Are you sitting comfortably?  I can wait.  Finish your meal.  Finish your dishes.  Finish your household chores.  Finish your work.  Finish your laundry.  Finish dropping your clothes off at the dry cleaners.   Finish your shopping.  Finish hanging up your latest purchase in the wardrobe.  Finish that telephone call.  Finish your social media catch-ups.    Finish booking your next vacations and booking hotels.    Finish unpacking the latest, shiny gadget which looks good in the man-cave or woman nest!

I’ll wait.  You know I’m patient.  I’ve not been in the blogging world long but I’m patient.  This is my 35th post and I’m  with you.  I am with you.  Made your drink? In your comfy position and ready to tune in?  Then I will begin.

So you’ve ‘finished’ everything else.  What have you been doing today to start on your…

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