Connect to Your Purpose

Greetings to you,


I want to have a chat with you.  Are you sitting comfortably?  I can wait.  Finish your meal.  Finish your dishes.  Finish your household chores.  Finish your work.  Finish your laundry.  Finish dropping your clothes off at the dry cleaners.   Finish your shopping.  Finish hanging up your latest purchase in the wardrobe.  Finish that telephone call.  Finish your social media catch-ups.    Finish booking your next vacations and booking hotels.    Finish unpacking the latest, shiny gadget which looks good in the man-cave or woman nest!

I’ll wait.  You know I’m patient.  I’ve not been in the blogging world long but I’m patient.  This is my 35th post and I’m  with you.  I am with you.  Made your drink? In your comfy position and ready to tune in?  Then I will begin.

So you’ve ‘finished’ everything else.  What have you been doing today to start on your soul purpose?  Don’t pull that face.  I’ll ask again.  What have you been doing today to start on your soul purpose?  I am not going to give you all the rigmarole that you can find saturated on the internet.  I am not going to use fancy words or dazzle you with fancy designs or the latest hip word to tickle your ears.  Oh no! Soul purpose.  There must be one thing you really want to do with your life.  No, no, no.  Don’t even throw that “I’m too tired” or “I’m to old” or the other “I’m too, too, too…..”.

The point of my posts is to bring them all together.  To pull all the points together because they are all related, all connected.  Does your heart beat fast when you think about that interest you want to do more with or spend more time on?  Is pain eating away at your core being?  Are you frightened?  Frightened of not succeeding.  Frightened of, in your mind, failing?  Peer pressure tapping on your door?  Family commitments suffocating you?  What about you?  Have you asked yourself, “What about you?”

When we get those quiet moments, it’s a curious thing that most times we try to fill them with noise, be it the television, gadgetry or humans!  Ok, you know what I mean.  Keeping busy with the crowd can drown you.  Don’t confuse being lonely with being alone.  Many fantastic projects and businesses are born and nurtured from enjoying your own company.  You can have more to bring to the table when you connect with others.

So we can connect to the television and all the other paraphernalia which eats into our time, our day, month, our year and dare I say our years!  We look back and what do we say?  Oh I wish I had started this, that and the other along time ago. Or worse, as time has passed on, there is the danger of believing that it’s too late or not worth it.  Connecting with your purpose is worth it.  Call it self-preservation if you will.  What keeps us from reaching out to do what we would love to do? Approval from others? Money?  We know all the answers and for my post, right here, right now, I want you to think of your soul purpose.  If you don’t want to use that phrase, find whatever words fit you but ask yourself, what you really want to do?  Keep it simple.  We all love simple.  Yes, we do, no matter how easily we make things complicated!  Do you need to contact someone to find out more information? Make that call.  You want to know how someone achieved something you are interested in achieving, speak to that person, find out how they did it.  It doesn’t all have to be immediate action points.  Write ideas down.  Or spend some time thinking about new ideas – don’t over do it, but open your mind to looking at something new.

When I started this blog, I wanted to get my writing out there.  I wanted to connect with people, express my ideas, discuss ‘connecting and inspirational’ topics, share information and write, write, write.  I am not a ‘numbers’ person and so I want a reader to connect with my writing and if one person does that I have fulfilled my objective.  All of the stats and ratings stuff is all very well but I do not want to lose the main reason I started to blog.  My soul is in writing and not treating people as numbers.  Isn’t there enough of that in the world, people being identified as just numbers.  If I set out to write just to get a lot of followers or viewings and all of this back links carry on, I think my writing would not be as I have written.  Seriously, blogging is a very useful key tool in the information highway.  Stats have their place but I’m focussed on the connection with people and communities.  If a reader has ‘stumbled’ across my site and got something from one of my articles that helped them or they found useful, this is my connection.  If 1,000 viewers skip my site, my work is still there ready for someone else to read, that I value.

What I will say, is don’t get me started on the spam and material which have nothing to do with, I would think, anybody’s site.  Quite time-wasting and growing like weeds at a reunion party.  Get rid of some and more come back!  The other paraphernalia that comes with email lists just adds to the time-wasting; time which would be better spent writing. Some of the offers may be genuine, I am keeping open-minded on my suspicions but offers to connect with my blog and write, I have to step back and ask is this for me or will the offer help my readers,  or do they want just want my audience, my writing skills or are there other hidden agendas.

You see, I too, I am facing new challenges on my new journey as a blogger.  You will face new challenges on your journey too.  There appears to be enough information on The Net about how to improve your site, that it is enough to make you want to not start in the first place!  Do not let this confuse you, bedazzle you or put you off.  Believe in yourself and start with your own talents and use your own talents to build your interest or whatever is your passion.  Your talent is an individual asset, never forget that.  Keep being individual, you do not have to be the same as everyone else.  In fact, your soul purpose is your own talent which no-one can take away from you – unless you let them.  Trust yourself.  Yes, listen, observe and welcome advice, there are good intentions as well as bad ones.  Follow that gut feeling, that instinct, don’t underestimate it.  We tend to ignore it too much.  It can be a signal that you and I need to learn something new, take a different perspective, question how we deal with things and appreciate what we have to offer.  Be your own fan.  Be your own cheer leader. Be your soul purpose – it is waiting for you to connect.

Anthon St. Maarten

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