Yesterday I had arrived at the auditorium ready to pay my respects.

I hovered at the entrance, probably looking rather suspect.

I searched for the nearest empty seat.

After that brisk walk, I needed to slow down my heartbeat.

The deceased’s daughter was patiently waiting to address the crowd.

All I could hear were people drying tears and blowing their noses, maybe too loud.

These were people grieving.

The loss they were still believing.

The memorial reading was attributed to Mark Twain the chosen prose.

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

Could I keep it together, God only knows.

As the family stories and colleagues’ tales gripped the eager ears.

There was plenty of laughter and flowing of tears, tears, tears.

Photos were shown of the doctor, at home, travelling and always at ease.


At work he was always willing to help patients with their dis-ease.

His family eloquent in their story telling.

Told of his humour, his character and how he lived in his dwelling.


Emotional was this celebration, as it peaked with his favourite music (“It Not Unusual to be Loved by Anyone”, by Tom Jones).

I tried to hold back the tears, I just didn’t want to lose it.

A friend hugged my hand as we each reached for our tissues.

His son has followed in his footsteps dealing with medical issues.

Forty-five minutes gone and we don’t want it to end.

I whispered “Goodbye Dr Thalji, best wishes I send.”

Time waits for no-one and the closing was near.

Everyone trying to speak clearly but for the choking tear.

I spoke with his daughter at the end of the ceremony.

I read my poem “Tomorrow”, touched by it she said, “Send it to me.”

This is not just another death, another loss, another blow.

It is a message highlighting your soul purpose is saying “Hello.”

What can I do to make a difference in my world?

Yes! One thing I love to do is connect with inspirational words.

Thank you doctor for your time on this earth.

Your legacy has been left with your family, and I, and all of us must remember our worth.

In memory of Dr M. Thalji and condolences to his family.

Peace be with you all.