Trip down Bloggers Lane


Do you see your website as a rose with a couple of thorns?


Question from the enemies: “How many stats has she got?”

Don’t be afraid of this mentality.

Better to try new things than not.

Beginning something new is like a child crossing the road with no-one by their side.

Here come the haters wanting nothing but a head start.

Keep going on your journey, let your truth be your guide.

Don’t be discouraged, don’t be misled, keep writing from the heart.

Do not worry, do not fret.

Copyrights, plagiarism can be a headache.

Let your writing shine, they have not seen anything yet.

Enjoy the excitement of your purpose keeping you awake.

Hidden agendas and egos all on their minds.

Focus on your own journey and see time fly by.

They will quickly see that you are one of a kind.

Lessons we are learning, all of us, you and I.

We want to connect and bring new information to the table.

Some people are dedicating time to shaking our good works.

There may be a wobble here and there, but we are most able.

You’re not alone, keep positive company, connect but keep on the alert.

The world is full of trickery and The Internet is not exempt.

Remember your talent, remember your skill.

Let’s not get into a situation where we wonder where our dreams went.

Who will give you reminders of your soul purpose? Answer to the enemies: My website will.


Or do you view your website as a potential rose with many thorns?