Travel Head

As I rest my travelling head.

Upon my waiting hotel bed.


My aching body still wants to rise.

I reach for my glasses for my blurred, tired eyes.


I check my watch for the time, yes I still have one.

Peer out the window and see the rising sun.


I return to the warm slumber I won’t be denied.

Some extra minutes relaxing on my back and on my side.


The bedding is sticking to my body and won’t let go

My shoulders are aching, I won’t move, “No!”


Okay, Okay, it is lovely, peaceful and quiet.

I stretch, get out of bed and heavily sit on it.


The book I was reading falls to the floor.

As I make my way to the bathroom door.


Showered and dressed for this touristy day.

I’m ready for breakfast the International way.


506 is my room number please.

I’m chauffeured to a table as I eyeball the herbal teas.


Plate nicely filled with hot culinary delights.

My mind is thinking of blog insights.


So isn’t it something that when we travel around.

Our blog sticks with us because it likes having us around!


Blogging whilst travelling can fill waiting time.

Capturing images and thoughts then putting them online. 


It’s vacation time Yippee! Time to take a rest from The Blog.

Is it possible to keep fingers away from doing that log?


Is there a holiday time away from The Net?

I’m sure I’ll find out, it’s early days yet.