What To Do

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Today I have some decisions to make.

I don’t know how much more turmoil my head can take.


Trying to move forward and all the while.

The world tries to stop me and kick back and smile.


I was angry, I was frustrated I took time out to rethink.

I hugged myself and then my fighting spirit gave me a wink.


I can’t do things like I have done before.

It just doesn’t work and from myself I want more.


I was in danger of looking at my life from one angle.

I needed to ignore the devil’s carrot dangle.


Sometimes when I want to move at Ferrari speed.

The angels hold me back and say Jennifer, please!


Deep breaths I took last night like I was about to go surfing.

I needed to intake the new information that had me gasping.


It’s going to cost how much? Are you sure? What is going on?

I had a plan, timely managed and now it’s going wrong.


How the best laid plans can be scuppered by the utterance of a few words.

Thank God this morning I work up to hearing the sound of the birds.


They soothed my heart and softened the tone of my voice.

They listened to me tapping on the laptop and peered in to view the noise.


I had to break through the fear that I was letting hold me back.

Soul searching, facing the truth and listening to fact.


Must remind myself to use my natural skills to effortlessly enhance.

Must always remember to give myself another chance.


Will keep on motivating myself with health and wellbeing.

I will value my time and energy and not be put off by what I’m seeing.


Revisiting my short and long-term goals are my main priority.

I will remind myself to keep following through regularly.


Reminders I have around that I want to work for myself.

Economic conditions I can keep an eye but not let it affect my future wealth. 


No-one did I want to see today as I reframed my concern.

I had to humble myself, it was another lesson to learn.


My laptop (I really must give it a name) was my ally in my hour of need.

Always there working with me, helping feed my next idea, my next seed.