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In the UK, from October, if a retailer has approx. 250 employees, there will be a charge for plastic bags.

Will this phase out the plastic bag?

I seem to remember that some stores already charge for the ‘thicker’ plastic bag and the waste of time ‘see-through’ bag remains free.

Anyway, never been a fan of the plastic bag. Would the US brown paper bag work in the UK? Maybe there is a need to have handles put on some of the designs but are these bags a good alternative. Are customers in the US happy with their brown bags? Did they ever have plastic bags? Please let me know.

I did come across this bag which a storekeeper uses for his customers:


Could it be argued they now have the feel-good factor? Leaving a friendly message and leaving you with a smile!


Or do we not read what’s on the bag until we’re about to discard it or put it away for future use!


If the UK really is to say ‘goodbye’ to their beloved plastic bag icon. I feel it’s only fitting to say that the bag should bow out gracefully and leave us alone.


I’ve been a part of your lives for so many years.

I held everything you needed from head to toe, face to ears.

Whether it was new I was there for you.

If it was old I was there too.

I didn’t complain unless overburdened.

My handles tried not to snap, they were determined.

Yes, I did have my weak spots and was flimsy at times.

But I did try to tell you “Too much!” and other signs.

You insisted on packing me full to the brim.

Whatever you could find you put it in.

I catered to your every need for each of the family.

From the older generation to the newborn baby.

I know I have my enemies who can’t wait to see me go.

I only meant the best, I hope this you do know.

Environmentally, I appreciate I’m not doing very well at all.

Just remember I’m manmade, last forever and will be around forever more.

So whatever my fate, I take with dignity.

There will always be someone who secretly needs me.

So I may not be disintegrating any time soon.

There will be people who will reuse and give me a boom.

I’m happy that a woman is making cushions out of me.

New craftwork could be next, making mats and cushions – a new trend whoopee!

I know you will miss how I packed stuff away.

And keep things going for another day.

Thank you for listening to my possible final speech.

I hope to a large audience I did reach.

I can see people who hate plastic are on the attack.

Just remember my last words …….

I’ll be back!

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Have a good day now! 🙂



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