Waiting for a Second Chance

Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit


Waiting, messing around and joking.

“Wait a minute, I feel like I’m choking.”


“Wait!” “What’s going on?” “Why are people crying?”

“Wait!” “Can’t you hear me?” “Why do I feel like I’m dying?”


“Wait!” “Can’t you see me, I’m reaching out?”

“Wait!” “I’m trying to talk. Why are people singing so loud?”


“Wait!” “What is all the commotion?” “Please stop!”

“Wait!” “I feel like I’m falling, about to drop!”


“Wait!” “Why are people walking away?”

“Wait!” “Come back! I’ve got so much to say!”


“Wait!” “Why is it getting darker?” “The light has gone!”

“Wait!” “Help me!” “Something is wrong!”


“Wait!” “Help me!” “I’m begging you please!”

“Wait!” “God see!” “I’m on my knees!”


Hey! Wake up you!

“You mean I was having a nightmare and didn’t have a clue?”


“I think you had thought you had left the world.”


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