Happiness Bagged in a Suitcase

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It is the season of short leaves, holidays, vacations, repatriations and getaways or whatever you want to call them. The flight is booked, tickets received. Passports, visas all other documents in date, money at the ready and we’re ready to go.  The men, they the husbands, partners, brothers, son or nephews are packed within minutes.  They can taste the happiness of the holiday, it is so within their reach they are practically already sitting on the beach.

Now for most women, the suitcase is like the mistress of the whole vacation plan.  With all the ranges and sizes of suitcases available, packing takes up time we never really seem to have.  It demands our undivided attention which is already scattered by other responsibilities.

Image result for pictures of full suitcases Glorious suitcases, the loyal friends or mistresses of vacations!

We can have the house as clean as a brand new show home.  Laundry and dry cleaning done.  All bills covered. Miscellaneous chores completed…

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