Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit


What do you want to be remembered for?

Tomorrow I am attending a memorial for a doctor.


He had time for a chat in his busy schedule.

Being patient and personable clearly his rule.


I will miss his cheerful character and friendly eyes.

His well-groomed demeanour and colourful ties.


He talked of his family with fondness and love.

He will be in good company now with his Creator above.


Long service as a doctor he did serve.

A celebration of his life he does deserve.


Tomorrow in honour of his life,

We will share joy, love and inspirational stories with friends, colleagues and his wife.


Tomorrow will be another reminder of the shortness of time.

Your soul purpose, is it giving you a sign?


It doesn’t matter in which country you live.

Your soul purpose is calling you to give.


The road…

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