Selfie to Your Good Self

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‘Selfies’ gone mad in this image conscious world.

But look to the truth and it will send you in a whirl.

Nothing is as it seems in that gleaming ‘selfie’ glare.

Look at me! Look at me! I dare you to stare.

Wannabees on the hunt for money and self promotion,

Posing in front the camera and on the television.

Social media has embraced all of this hype.

It’s an easy bandwagon, there is no type.

As long as you’re willing to put your life out there.

Your life becomes theirs and they don’t even care.

This fickle entertainment can damage as well as heal.

One minute they’re rich, the next they can’t afford a meal.

So if you find yourself out there vying for attention,

There are a few things that are definitely worth a mention.

Have a belief, a cause or charity close to your heart.

Make regular donations and that’s just…

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