Starting on Your Purpose – Memory Back Up

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You want to change your life. You want to move on. You want to start a new life. You want to lose weight.  You want to feel fitter and healthier.  You want a new job. You want to start your own business.  You want. You want. You want.

You need to change your life.  You need to move on.  You need to start a new life.  You need to lose weight.  You need to feel fitter and healthier. You need a new job. You need to start your own business.  You need.  You need.  You need.  The ‘need’ status of a change tends to sound more urgent, more real, more possible doesn’t it?  What is stopping you?  Could part of the block, that non starter result, be due to that powerful and often under estimated part of the brain – the memory.  Boy when we want to stash those memories away we are…

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