Starting on Your Purpose – Memory Back Up

You want to change your life. You want to move on. You want to start a new life. You want to lose weight.  You want to feel fitter and healthier.  You want a new job. You want to start your own business.  You want. You want. You want.

You need to change your life.  You need to move on.  You need to start a new life.  You need to lose weight.  You need to feel fitter and healthier. You need a new job. You need to start your own business.  You need.  You need.  You need.  The ‘need’ status of a change tends to sound more urgent, more real, more possible doesn’t it?  What is stopping you?  Could part of the block, that non starter result, be due to that powerful and often under estimated part of the brain – the memory.  Boy when we want to stash those memories away we are so good at doing it.  We are like dogs with their precious bones.  No one is going to get this bone (this memory), no one is going to find this bone (this memory).  Then when the dog is sure the coast is clear and no one is around, it will dig out the bone and enjoy it.  Just as we will dig out old memories (good and bad) and enjoy them or more is the case, wallow in them.

Nothing will get in our way from storing those good and more importantly those bad memories like hay in a barn.  Yes let’s picture that.  Look at all that hay!  Imagine that is your brain and it has all this hay, which represents good and bad memories.  It’s a bit difficult to ascertain which are the good memories and which are the bad, so what do we do?  We lump all the memories together. Also, look carefully, there is still room for more memories to fill this space! Let us endeavour to make more memories that make you smile, make you and others feel good and which gave you more tastes of what you can do when you try something different and reach out to unfamiliar territory.

So when we want to make certain changes in our lives and take steps to enter into the world of our ‘real purpose’, what happens?  Oh, before you know it all of those bad memories pop up like weeds at a reunion party.  Well they do don’t they?  We remember all the reasons not to do something because we remember that this person did this and they failed, or you had a bad experience and don’t want to ‘fail’ again, or you think you’re too old, too fat, too poor, or too …… too, blah, blah, blah! None of us need help with proving what bad memories can do, the ultimate is that they can stop us from creating that beautiful soul we all possess to creatively contribute to your world and others.

Your memory, used wisely can be your best friend in good times and bad.  Let’s pull out those good memories, those occasions, events, instances when you said to yourself, “I’d love to get paid for doing this.  It doesn’t feel like work!”  “I enjoyed it so much, the time went so quickly.”

I have to be as clear about this as possible because I know that memories can have us crying on the spot, either tears of laughter, sadness or grief.  Let’s look at a memory USB stick.  That’s right you’re going to remember this in the simplest of analogies.  I’m a great believer that the simpler we keep things the more powerful the message can be, the action can be, and the more potent the image on the mind.

It is up to us, as individuals to choose which memories we befriend. Let’s do what we really want to do and ……

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

I know you can hear me …. I see your smile. Go on follow your dreams!

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You love music and your passion is to work in this area? Do it!

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If you want to be an Artist, get those ‘arty’ memories out!

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You want to open a food shop or change career and become a chef? Do it!

You want to open a ‘Pet’ business? Do It!

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You want to get fitter or become a Personal Trainer? Do it!

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You want to become a Beauty Therapist or have your own ‘Beauty’ business? Do it!

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You want to plan ‘your dream wedding’ and not everyone else’s? Do it!

START NOW! Get rid of, delete, or deal with those ‘bad’ memories, turn them around so that they are out of your life or empower your life.  Only you know what you really want to do.  Life can and will support you if you put it out there.  Isn’t that exciting?! How can life support which it knows nothing about? It is also important to say that people can and are living their dreams, you can do it too!

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 That’s right ‘bad’ memories be very afraid! The ‘good’ memories are coming out! Soul purpose here we come!!