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Isn’t great when you see ‘reminders’ jolting your memory about what YOU really would like to do with your life? It shows me that we are not alone in our aspirations and we will most likely have to work hard to get to the place where we want to be.  I saw this car with this message and had to take a picture of it.

‘There is no short way for the place that you want to go there.’  I won’t split hairs over the grammar but you get the message: There is no short way for the place that you want to go. There is no short cut to get to the place you want to get to. We can juggle the words around but it is all the same.  Yes, someone is sending that message out and you can’t miss it!

I wasn't sure what the message said, but got nosy and I glad I did!

I wasn’t sure what the message said, but got curious and I am glad I did!


No truer words said.

How does that message make you feel? Does it fuel your enthusiasm for your own aspirations? Do you feel like you want to connect with that person and find out more about them, their hopes and dreams?  Or do you think that maybe they are disillusioned with life and want a quick fix to their lives and having found that there is no such thing, found this message and put it on their car?

You can now find ‘inspirational’ messages all over the place: In cafes, on their serviettes, on trays, on cards:

We are all special.  We each have a gift. Never forget that.

We are all special.
We each have a gift.
Never forget that.

A ‘gift’ does not mean you have to climb the highest mountain or be able to make as much money as possible in as short a time as possible. Most times we do not tap into our ‘gift’ because we consider it to be something at which we are ‘just good’.  I like talking to people.  I like helping people.  I like to write and do poetry.  I like to draw.  I like interior design.   I like making my own clothes.  Others looking into my life would say, “Why don’t I do this or do that?” Dependent on which talent caught their eye.  I am sure you can relate and have had this happen to you.  Somehow, it doesn’t really sink in does it – that there is a ‘natural’ talent there that others would be interested in, that could change your life and not just financially?  I’m aiming to turn that around and dedicate time to my passions.  I no longer want to be in pain to feel like I’ve done a day’s work!  You know that feeling that somewhere in our working life, we feel or have been assimilated into working ourselves into a frenzy at work, and for what?  For a budget life with budget rewards and job satisfaction. That’s right.  I’m basically saying that most of us can work hard and reap little benefits.  Yes the bills are paid and the essentials covered, but what about you?  Too tired, too broke, feel alone, lost and unsupported? Do you think you will need lots of money before you get off base one?  Do you think you need an army of ‘yes’ people around you before you can do something? The most successful entrepreneurs have been those who had next to nothing, had the door ‘closed’ on them many times, heard ‘no’ more times than Destiny’s Child’s song (original line up):

They had no work space at home – prime example, J K Rowling, author of the ‘Harry Potter’ fantasy series.  She used to write in her local cafe, and look where she is now!  She had her dream and look at what her thinking ‘it was possible’ has achieved.  Took readers into a ‘new’ world, highly successful and more importantly original – her own talent.  Can you imagine if she listened to doubters?  Well that cafe would still be her best friend and the rest would still have been a dream.

Sometimes the word ‘dream’ is disregarded too easily and not taken seriously.  A dream can lead to changing a person, family, community, nation and world.  A dream is not always a flimsy, fluffy piece of nonsense that fills our minds when we have nothing better to do.  Many people have been passionate, determined and patient about their dreams, Martin Luther King, Jr  is one example:

I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, “We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream…

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963
I am sure you can name many who came before and after him.  Someone has to take the lead. In your own dream, your own aspirations, you have to take the lead.  Their will be the haters, the doubters, the ones especially waiting to say “I told you so.”  We have to move through that mental challenge.  Step back if you need to, to get a better picture of what you want to do, where you want to go or what you want to see.  A step back can be just the ammunition you need to stride on with confidence into ‘your’ world.  I have a saying, “You learn something new everyday”.  Don’t be afraid to be a student in your own life.  On your way you will become a teacher of your world, how inspiring is that! By the way, as I step into the ‘blog’ world, I too face challenges. On this journey I am asking questions, evaluating comments and learning. Questions can be your friends and there are plenty to enjoy in the quiz below.

The ‘key’ message I want to get across is not to give up on your dream. YouTube video re: Arthur Boorman, Disabled Veteran:



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