~Directions to Happiness~

Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit

Hey there! Yes hello, can you please help me out?

I’m looking for Happiness is it anywhere about?


Try down the road, turn left then right.

Keep on going then Happiness will be in sight.


That’s great! Thank you. Have a good day.

Excited with a skip in my step, I rush on my way.


I had gone as far as I could, then I reached a dead-end.

Would I ever find Happiness?! I was going round the bend!

 Image result for pictures showing following directions

I backtracked and came upon an area called Doubters’ High Street.


To the left was Sad Avenue and to the right Procrastination Row which I didn’t want to meet.


I walked and walked along Purpose-filled Road.

Then I came across a Decision-to-Make crossroad.


There were so many roads from which to choose.

I put my head in my hands, I didn’t want to lose.


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