What To Do

Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit

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Today I have some decisions to make.

I don’t know how much more turmoil my head can take.


Trying to move forward and all the while.

The world tries to stop me and kick back and smile.


I was angry, I was frustrated I took time out to rethink.

I hugged myself and then my fighting spirit gave me a wink.


I can’t do things like I have done before.

It just doesn’t work and from myself I want more.


I was in danger of looking at my life from one angle.

I needed to ignore the devil’s carrot dangle.


Sometimes when I want to move at Ferrari speed.

The angels hold me back and say Jennifer, please!


Deep breaths I took last night like I was about to go surfing.

I needed to intake the new information that had me gasping.



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