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I also dedicate this to those who will be going into hospital shortly, are in hospital or are convalescing from hospital procedures.  My thoughts are with you and in time I pray for healthy recovery using this time to care of yourself.    Pain will soon pass.  If you want to cry, cry.  Release your discomforts as they lead to calm.  Be at peace with the peaceful environment you find yourselves in.  Be patient with yourselves.  Make the most of this time and love your own time now.  Don’t be afraid to be hugged, hug yourself if you need to!  It feels strange but it works!

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I was in a store and saw a woman crying. As I walked passed her I thought to myself, boy I bet she could use a hug. In that very moment, I turned back to the woman and offered her a hug. She was shocked and surprised but thankfully took my hug. I held her in my arms as if she were my own mother rubbed her back and told her whatever it was it will pass. I must of held her and soothed her for 5 minutes or so until her daughter came up and whisked her away…


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