Farewell Gran – Dash to Barbados

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I’m reblogging this post as yesterday would have been my Gran’s birthday.  She had left the UK to return to the warmer climates of her homeland, Barbados.  She was such a lovely lady.  Kind, generous, loved people and had a laugh (which I have inherited!) which was infectious.  Nothing was too much for my gran.  Her door was always open and her kitchen full of visitors, be they family, friends or strangers!  Those days have almost, if not gone where there was always someone you could go to, who would be there cooking, baking, singing, laughing and giving thanks for blessings.  My gran had her challenges and she fought through them courageously with God always in her sight.

“Keep your head on.” My gran would always say, always advise.

? Heaven celebrates another year with my beloved Gran

Ring! Ring!

“It’s your sister, calling to let you know that gran…

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