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New and seasoned bloggers don’t be late.

Inspirational, Motivational, please take a seat.

Encouraging and Enthusiastic it’s lovely to meet.


Optimistic and Freedom Fighter, to the front if you please.

Sorry, Pessimistic and Closed Mind, there is no room for these.

Empowering and Soul Searcher, right over there.

Bitter and twisted? No room for you here.


Talented, Creative and Artistic, here’s the spot.

Bully and Harasser, we want you not.

Hard hearted and Judgemental, no place available.

Peace-Seeker and Equality Rights, you’re very much eligible.

I can’t wait to get this meeting started.

What a melting pot, full of the good and kind-hearted.

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1.    Our aim is to be a unique, quality Blogger.

2.    Humour and Laughter I can grant.

3. Image result for MeetingFrom all of us the best to come yet.

4.     Image result for Meeting Don’t worry about those dodgy stats.

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        Loyalty from…

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