Young Writers

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The post has been written and you’ve hit ‘Publish’.

But wait someone has told you your work is rubbish! 


Your ideas and grammatical skill are being harshly critiqued.

Your best efforts they don’t deem as particularly unique.   


Do not lower your level to engage their angst. Don’t bite the bullet!

Many writers are swallowing a bitter pill down their gullet.


Be patient talented youth, no need to shoot the arrow.

Don’t you know, many writers their skills they did borrow?


Many need a book to learn how to write.

Many do not know how to constructively unite.


Too many cultures where people need books to learn.

Yet there are naturally talented writers who are way above these and earn.


Some old school writers are in fear of their world.

Writing is for everyone, we all have our story to be told.


The stiff style of writing of some writers out there.

Is only because they are filled with so much fear.


Imagination, thinking and doing different things.

They cannot comprehend ‘out of the box’ and how to fly with wings.


Wasting time on the down feelings of others will not stop you from being supreme.

Sharing of information and empowering others, concentrate on this theme. 


You have a talent, keep sharing with others and the gifted.

This is my message of encouragement to keep you uplifted.



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