The Right To Be Happy

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A friend and I ventured over to Bahrain for some hours of a change of scenery and to chill out in the lovely weather.  Our feet took us to the Intercontinental Hotel, where we had the buffet lunch and relaxed by the pool.  The waiter was friendly and had a lovely smile.  Thank you Sultan for providing such a good service.

Sultan, the Waiter Sultan, the Waiter

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Speaking of smiles, even as you say the word ‘Happy’ you have to smile.  Go on, say the word and see if you don’t struggle not to turn the ends of your mouth up.  Pharrell Williams has got us all smiling and jumping around to his phenomenal hit of the same name.  If you haven’t seen Pharrell’s touching interview with Oprah Winfrey, enjoy the humble, affable, personable and inspiring presence of this talented. intriguing artist. He’s brought happiness and fun into lives around the globe and it’s touching to see…

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