Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit

When the pressure is on you start looking from side to side.

When the pressure is on you don’t trust your own mind.


The pressure is here you start asking questions, “Why?”

The pressure is here your own truth you disqualify.


This pressure hurts there must be a quick fix.

This pressure hurts do you escape in worldly tricks?


Pressure heating up you can’t take it anymore.

Pressure heating up but responsibility keeps you from running out the door.


Living under pressure who is there to help you think.

Living under pressure who can you call when you’re on the brink?


Pressure stressing out your mind and turning your body inside out.

Pressure keeping you from speaking truth, when it’s all you want to shout.


Pressure left to rot can suffocate the positivity out of you.

Pressure hits your heart and soul and takes…

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