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I’ve been asked to reblog this coming from my side, happy to oblige, so here it is. 

Hope you’re all having a blessed day.


I had to reblog this and add a poem.  Thank you Linh Tran.


Linh TranJuly 14, 2015 / 9:34 pm

Spread the Love


A post from the heart takes your breath away.

It is so hard to let others know you’re having a bad day.


The ‘ifs’, the ‘buts’, the ‘whys’ cloud our lives.

Our minds disappointed by worldly strives.


Kindness and sensitivity are purities of the heart.

The world tries to kick these out of you before the day even starts.


We must care for each other and not forget the carers.

They have their own burdens to bear, yet are there for us.


Look earnestly for happiness, are they really showing you the truth?

Or are you too busy, too into your business and carry on aloof?


Support their concerns with peace and love whatever they may be.

Let worldwide love begin, we could even make history.




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