The Oriental Bazaar, Dhahran, SA

The Oriental Bazaar, organized by the Arabic Speaking Women’s Group (ASWG), for women only, was just the tonic after a day’s work. It was held from 11am to 6pm today and there will be another session tomorrow from 2-9pm. This was my first visit to this particular bazaar, but I had an idea of what to expect having indulged in purchasing craftwork and other delightful wares from similar events.

I entered the building and immediately could hear the engaged chatter of stall sellers and their customers. There were the familiar stalls selling jewellery, perfumes, scarves, candles, babywear and furnishings, abayas, dresses and other miscellaneous clothing.  Not to be forgotten were those stalls selling cute message plaques (love them or hate them) for putting somewhere prominent in your home to complement the theme of your home, keep positivity in the air or just simply remind others of the state of your mind! Lol! For example, I have had the below plaques for some time now and they do their job:

Friendship is like sunshine, it keeps us warm and helps us grow.

A house is made of walls and beams.  A house is made of hopes and dreams.

Don’t stop doing things because you are growing old.  Because you will grow old if you stop doing things.

Then as I moved to the centre of the room, my eyes glimpse some beautiful artwork.  Now as you may know, I love art.  My eyes must have been popping out of my head as the young artist gestured for me to step up to the platform for a better view of her artwork.  The shy artist was very modest in her achievements.  So here I will give a big shout out for Nou (aka Novalhamoud), a young (22 year old) student economist who does artwork as a hobby and would like, of course, to make a living as an artist.  We discussed each piece of her artwork and I had already made up mind that I had to have an art piece which had caught my eye as soon as I saw the display.  I said I would look around and come back, you know what it’s like, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything else but knew I had to have this particular piece of artwork.  There were two pieces that I was drawn too, but I was keeping a hold on my budget.

Ok, so I start to walk away and before I could step off the platform, another lady appears with her young daughter and stands in front of the artwork which I had my designs on.  This lady would like to commission three of the paintings for her large house with variations on the female poses.  Phew! This means my prospective purchase is safe.  So now there are two of us complimenting the artist on a job well done.  I go to look around the rest of the room and return to the platform secure in the knowledge that my purse is headed in the right direction! Nou (the artist) ‘bow tied’ the painting, took a picture and off I went to enjoy my purchase.

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