UK Visit – Day 5

IMG-20150426-WA0000 Travelling down to London on the train gave me time to reflect on all the many other train journeys I had taken to visit friends and family in the past.  The one to three hour travel time, depending on where I was going, was time to reflect on my thankfulness for them being in my life.  It was always a pleasure to meet those smiling faces as I got off the train, eagerly helping me with my suitcase and tired smile.

Connection, that’s the key. Throughout my short break in the UK, easy communication was volunteered in all of my interactions. Communication is a such a powerful form of connection.  I would like to thank everyone who I met on this journey to the UK.  The smiles, the laughter, the storytelling, the jokes, the ‘turning the corner’ tales which had me hanging off my seat!  Difficult times some of you went through and indeed you are stronger and truly blessed. IMG-20150502-WA0000 So as I retreat to my hotel room for some much needed rest and relaxation before my flight tomorrow morning, my parting message is to thank you for sharing your time, your moments and for being you.

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