UK Leeds Visit – Day 3

Young, gifted and in Leeds!

Young, gifted and in Leeds!

My third day in Leeds, the weather greeted me with a sunny sky but a cold breeze invaded and now dark clouds are forming  so it could rain later. Yes all the elements in one day.

All of the above did not deter the variety of food stalks in the Briggate area of Leeds city centre. There was spicy food, burgers, cakes and other international cuisine.

More buskers were out in force filling the air, each with their own individual flair and style. Music, whilst you shop or relax in the nearest cafe or restaurant, really does cheer the mood and provide a cosmopolitan feel in the air.

Also notice the sign at the back of the busker – ‘Unleash your Mojo’. On that note I wish you all a lovely, blessed day.




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