Were you present this week at work and home?

I am so glad this week is over! I spent most of this week wishing the week would end.

On Sunday I counted the hours until the end of the day, thinking of the course I was to attend the following day. On Monday, I tried to do check emails, whilst listening to the trainer facilitating the course.  My ears pricked up when we were informed that a ‘full day’ course would finish around midday.  I had the afternoon all planned out before he could finish the sentence. On Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday.  When asked how things were going by a colleague, I said, Great as we’re nearly at the weekend.”  He looked at me and said, “You do know it’s Tuesday?” My tired mind raced to work out how I had missed a day.  When Wednesday arrived I woke thinking how I was going to get through this day and the next.  As Thursday arrived my mind was sleeping still in bed and my attire was that of a smart casual dress down before the weekend.  I eagerly agreed with other exasperated colleagues who were ready for the weekend and couldn’t wait for the day to end.  Rushed to get home and rushed to, yes rushed to what?  That’s right, I rushed to sit down, well collapse actually and just simply sit there totally exhausted.

Now hold on! What was I doing? What happened to living in and concentrating on the present moment? Looking back at the week I was operating on autopilot.  Or was this because my mind was so focussed on my short trip out of the Middle East and onto the UK?  Anyway, I’m slowing down, having early nights and feel so much better for listening to my meditation music and just absorbing the moments.

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